Tonight She Comes – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP


TONIGHT SHE COMES lays an important spine to the pulsating backtrack of Matt Stuertz’s movie. The music manages to stay true to the retro aesthetics of the genre it pays homage to, whilst at the same time keeping a synthwave appeal. Dark and organic, the electronic sound of Wojciech Golczewski’s TONIGHT SHE COMES Original Soundtrack has the strength to come alive even outside the pictures. Golczewski’s distinctive compositional style is omnipresent throughout the forty-three minutes of the album. It works horrendously well as a score for your autumn commute through the dusky urban sprawl.

Composer Wojciech Golczewski
Artist Luke Preece
Label Death Waltz Recording Co
Property Tonight She Comes
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Tonight She Comes – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

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