Tumbbad - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP


Death Waltz Recording Co., in collaboration with AMS Records and Sohum Shah Films, are proud to present the soundtrack to Rahi Anil Barve’s TUMBBAD for the first time on vinyl.
Featuring the arresting score composed by Jesper Kyd and original artwork by Luke Insect, the album is available on 2x 140 gram eco or Mondo exclusive Blood & Gold vinyl.

Composer Jesper Kyd
Artist Luke Insect
Property Tumbbad
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Product information
Bonus material Bonus track: "The Wealth"
Pressed at GZ
Rpm 33 1/3
Vinyl weight 140g

Sleep, or else Hastar will come for you! Humanity’s inclination for greed is the driving force behind TUMBBAD, Rahi Anil Barve’s 2018 horror opus that takes place in the Indian village of the same name. TUMBBAD follows Vinayak, a man who returns to the village he grew up in to search for the treasure hidden by Hastar - the firstborn son of the Goddess of Prosperity, who was banished for his greed. But while Vinayak looks to loot Hastar’s wealth, he ignores warnings about the terrible curse that will befall him and his avarice, a spell that is said to cause a transformation into something more hideous than anyone can imagine. The film is broken into three chapters that follow Vinayak’s life across several time periods. 

TUMBBAD’s haunting score was composed by Jesper Kyd (ASSASSIN’S CREED, BORDERLANDS) and immediately offers an unsettling atmosphere as we see Vinayak as a child, with sickly dissonant string lines and pounding percussion introducing the dark world of Hastar. Vinayak returns as an adult fifteen years later, where Kyd applies a more melodic approach that sees the score’s main theme dominate, with a melancholic reading on cimbalom. The motif then takes on a reflective feel in the final chapter before it explodes into chaos, as an older Vinayak and his son have the inevitable showdown with Hastar, ending in a dynamic reprisal of the main theme that effortlessly evokes the otherworldly powers contained in TUMBBAD. - Charlie Brigden  

Available for the first time on any physical format.


Side A

  1. The Birth of Hastar
  2. Rains of Tumbbad
  3. Grandmother's Meal
  4. Secrets

Side B

  1. Opportunities
  2. The Greed Manifests
  3. Descending
  4. The Wife
  5. The Box is Opened

Side C

  1. Hastar
  2. Happy Ever After
  3. Telefon
  4. Driving In The Rain
  5. The Initiation
  6. Chocolate Coins
  7. The Mistress

Side D

  1. Vinayak's Treasure Box
  2. Family Business
  3. The Showdown
  4. The Final Choice
  5. The Goddess
  6. The Wealth (Bonus Track)