Uncut Gems - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

Distributed title
Composer Daniel Lopatin
Label Warp Records
Property Uncut Gems
Sold Out


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Product information
Mastered by Patricia Sullivan & Beau Thomas
Packaging details Gatefold sleeve
Pressed at Optimal Media GmbH
Rpm 33
Vinyl color Black
Vinyl weight 180g

"Uncut Gems is a triumph. The Oneohtrix Point Never albums occupy almost every different mood the human body is capable of expressing and now Lopatin’s soundtrack work is starting to do the same. We’ve had the moody, anxious Lopatin on Good Time and now Uncut Gems has allowed him to show his more thoughtful and emotional side. The one concern I find with this record is that it’s hard to imagine it soundtracks real people doing real things and not robots warring on far away planets. In saying that, one thing Lopatin’s music is very capable of doing is showing us how everyday things are still very alien no matter how comfortable we think we are with them. It’s music to take the train somewhere you’ve never been to before or take the scenic route back from work to. Maybe even music to soundtrack your last big money score."  Thelineofbestfit.com