Unmatched: Bruce Lee



Unmatched is a miniatures dueling game featuring fighters of all kinds – from the page to the screen to the stuff of legends. Each hero has a unique deck of cards that fits their fighting style. You can mix and match fighters from any Unmatched set. But remember, in the end, there can only be one winner.

Bruce Lee is a single-hero expansion to be used with any existing Unmatched full set.

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Designers Justin D. JacobsonRob Daviau
Artist Oliver Barrett
Expected to ship in November 2020. This is an expected ship date, not a guaranteed ship-by date. Things can change due to production or cargo delays, and if they do, we will always keep customers informed via an update email. Check out our FAQs page for more information.


Product includes

  • 31 Action cards
  • 1 Hero Miniature
  • 1 Health dial
Product information
Age rating 9+
Players 2 - 4
Playing time 20-40 minutes
Unmatched: Bruce Lee
Unmatched: Bruce Lee

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