Form Hell by Victims (Death Waltz Originals)


Form Hell is the debut release by Victims, the collaborative project of film composer Timothy Fife, and Video Nasties member, Chris Livengood.

Mainstays in the darkest, most obscure netherworlds of the New England underground scene, the work of these individuals has circulated over the past decade only amongst the filthy hands and minds of those in the know. Together as Victims, the two make synthesizer music inspired in equal measure by the highest and lowest expressions of the medium. For every nod to Subotnick and Mort Garson there's a indiscrete wink aimed at Marcello Giombini and Walter Sear.

Form Hell finds the two minds meeting and melting at their most damaged point: the holes torn open by repeated viewings of the most filthy of films, setting forth a pulsating kosmiche geyser of shimmering cinematic sounds. Perhaps if Tangerine Dream geared up and jammed immediately after their 12th consecutive viewing of Burial Ground: Night of Terror, it might sound something like this. If Michael Hoenig had scored The Gate before abandoning his analog synths, those fleshy little minions would've been dancing to the arpeggiated menace of Form Hell.

Strictly one off pressing of 400 on Triple color in color vinyl — Opaque Grimace Purple base mixed with Blue and Grey.

Composer Victims
Artist Sascha Braunig
Label Death Waltz Originals
Sold Out


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Portsmouth New Hampshire's most noteworthy composer of sleazy scores, Fife's work in experimental groups like Ruined Pelt and Milkmuts and nearly thirty soundtracks have corrupted helpless minds and ears as it blasts from the speakers of home stereos and the screens of the grindhouse. Livengood sprouted up from the spooked ancient soil of Portland, Maine's Visitations (Time Lag Records), Attar Cups (Blackest Rainbow) and various other formations lurking the muck of New Weird America, only to blossom into the viscera splattered no-wave disco punk of Video Nasties, whose delirious VHS projections and frantic dance parties across New England are about to receive commemorative treatment with their forthcoming 1st LP on Feeding Tube Records.

The EP features a guest appearance by Aaron Dilloway, formerly of the band Wolf Eyes and a prolific and influential artist in his own right. Aaron uses his signature tape manipulation to add a grating sonic texture that blends into the group's vision.