Videodrome Main Theme 7-inch


VIDEODROME is one of our favorite David Cronenberg films and the score by Howard Shore is phenomenal. When composing VIDEODROME Howard Shore wrote & arranged music for both a traditional string quartet and also a digital sampler. He then played them back concurrently and mixed them in a way that not only blurred both sources but also created an incredibly organic yet robotic score which mirrors the Cronenberg's visual perfectly.

Housed in a die-cut sleeve designed by Alan Hynes, we had initially intended for this Limited Edition 7-Inch Single to release at Beyond Fest in 2018, where both Cronenberg and Shore were guests of honor. But as you know the best-laid plans always go south! Fast forward to 2020, and here we are, this single is just a taste ahead of the full-length score scheduled for 2021, fully re-mastered by Howard Shore and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

Composer Howard Shore
Artist Alan Hynes
Label Mondo Music
Property Videodrome
Sold Out