Videodrome - The Complete Restored Score LP

Composer Howard Shore
Artist Rich Kelly
Property Videodrome
Sold Out


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Product information
Liner notes Annette DiGiovanni
Mondo, Backlot Music and Howe Records are proud to present the a soundtrack nearly 40 years in the making: the complete restored score album to David Cronenberg's 1983 masterpiece VIDEODROME.
Restored from the original session masters, and supervised by Howard Shore himself, this is the first time the original score has ever been released in its original form (on Vinyl through Mondo, on CD through our friends at La La Land, and digitally through Back Lot Music).
Produced by Howard Shore and Alan Frey. Featuring original artwork by Rich Kelly, and liner notes by Annette DiGiovanni and pressed on 180 Gram color vinyl (also available on 180 Gram black vinyl).


Side A
1. Cable 83 (0:19)
2. Piercing (3:01)
3. Civc TV (2:21)
4. Got A Cigarette? (1:32)
5. Nicki Inside (1:19)
6. Come To Me (3:12)
7. Samurai Dreams, No. 13 (2:03)
8. Whipping (2:31)
9. In Bed (1:20)
10. The New Flesh (2:04)

Side B
1. Spectacular Optical (0:12)
2. Transformation (3:28)
3. Gun In Gut (2:40)
4. Cathode Ray Mission (0:48)
5. Videodrome Is Death (3:30)
6. Grenade (2:11)
7. Condemned Vessel (5:10)