X-Men: The Animated Series - Magneto 1/6 Scale Figure Mondo Exclusive Timed Edition

Timed Edition

The Master of magnetism, and one of the X-Men’s main antagonists is finally here.

Based on the beloved X-Men: The Animated Series show from the ‘90s, this Magneto 1/6 scale figure is the follow-up to last year’s Wolverine and is the next addition to our growing line.

Magneto comes with a slew of awesome, swappable (and magnetic) accessories, including several portraits based on his various appearances in the series, as well as a bendable “metal” pole that can be used to tie up those pesky X-Men!

Also included is an evil Morph portrait, for all of your shapeshifting needs!

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Artists Alex BrewerDan VeesenmeyerGabe ChicoineJoe AllardMark Bristow
Properties MarvelX-Men the Animated Series
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Product information
Height 12"
Material PVC, ABS
Weight 5 lbs.


  • Concept Design - Joe Allard, Alex Brewer
  • Sculpt - Alex Brewer
  • Paint - Mark Bristow
  • Packaging Art - Dan Veesenmeyer
  • Packaging Design - Gabe Chicoine
  • Photography - Raúl Barrero

Product includes

  • Standard portrait
  • Angry portrait
  • 20XX portrait
  • Eric Lensherr portrait
  • Evil Morph portrait
  • Two magnetized energy rings
  • Magnetized metal shards
  • Bendable metal fragment
  • Two open palm magnetized hands
  • Two magnetized fists
  • 4 pairs of interchangeable hands
  • Figure Stand