You Will Be Safe 2xLP by Cory Kilduff

Almost Gone
Limited Edition
Distributed title
Composer Cory Kilduff
Artists Brent AsburyCory Kilduff
Label Burning Witches Records
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Product information
Vinyl color Transparent Purple Vinyl

"On his 2019 BWR debut, ‘When It All Gets To Be Too Much’, Cory Kilduff made a sprawling and emotionally connected album filled with lush synth textures and heart-heavy melodies, reminding us what it was like to be young with heart-on-sleeve. On follow-up, You Will Be Safe, Kilduff makes up for a mostly beat-less debut by creating a rhythmically rich record. Kinetic rhythms intertwine with Kilduff's knack for melody, giving songs like "Was That Not An Exit", "Night Night", and "The Brighter Side Of Giving Up" dance floor integrity while never losing sight of the beating heart moving us to dance."

John Hubner