Zombie Flesh Eaters (AKA Zombi 2) LP


Death Waltz Recording Company is proud to exhume another classic from their catalog in response to popular demand from the dead and the living alike!

From the twisted mind of Lucio Fulci comes ZOMBI 2 aka ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS. A notorious gore classic and the poster child of the video nasty generation, the film gently transports the viewer from the concrete jungle of New York City to the mysterious Caribbean island of Matool, with some shark versus zombie shenanigans along the way. Our musical guide for this tour de gore is the inimitable Fabio Frizzi and his magic synthesizer.

Frizzi is adept at providing a superb musical travelogue, and is brilliant at lulling the listener into a false sense of security with authentic Caribbean sounds before dragging them down to the tenth level of hell via electronics. Synths chug as percussion while dreamy keyboard notes meander – is this a dream or reality? It’s reality alright, and you’re being slowly pulled out of the dream with prog-rock beats and intense drums until that iconic main melody wakes you up. You’re not on Matool anymore, you’re back in Manhattan and the apocalypse has begun. Welcome to ZOMBI 2. They are going to eat you.

Re-mastered in 2014 at Abbey Road Studios. Gatefold sleeve printed on 425 gsm reverse board includes a booklet featuring Sleeve notes by Fabio Frizzi, Ian McCulloch, Stephen Thrower & Tom Beauvais.

Pressed on 180 Gram Clear & Grey Swirl Vinyl.

Artist Tom Beauvais
Property Zombi
Sold Out


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