Wednesday means New Comic Day! War of Kings is smoking right now, Agents of Atlas is great, a new Franklin Richards comic is dropping ('s good) and we finally get FLASH: REBIRTH! It's a good day. I pose an interesting question though...could today have been better?This weekend I went looking around at second hand bookstores, not really having my mind set on any one thing. I came across a book I remembered I'd been wanting for a while now... HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE MARVEL was pretty excited to find it for super cheap, but what really blew me away inside wasn't Stan Lee's witty alliteration or even John Buscema's beautiful artwork. It was the folded piece of paper inside that was the best thing about this purchase. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, a character more hellish than Spawn, more disproportionate than Savage Dragon, the crown jewel of the 90's that never was...ZERO TOLERANCE!zero-toleranceI won't lie...I probably would've given this comic three issues when I was in 7th grade.-Justin

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