deadlyspawnmainWhen we paired one of our favorite movies with one of our favorite artists (Jon Vermilyea), we had no idea that this shirt would've came to be so nuts! One of the best movies you've never heard of, THE DEADLY SPAWN has one of the BEST looking monsters in movie history. Now you can wear this eating machine and spread the word. Available now in Asphalt and Eggplant, wear this to the next horror convention and stand above the rest.Here is the trailer to THE DEADLY SPAWN: And speaking of horror conventions, I attended Texas Frightmare a few weekends ago and got my picture taken with Dick Miller. Coincidentally, I was wearing the new DEADLY SPAWN shirt so you can get a good look of it in action!dickmiller-JustinP.S. Fuck it...why not? I like this movie so much that I actually got it tattooed on me. It's an obsession!tattoo

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