Alright...this video is super old, but for all the ones that haven't seen it...catch up: So, now that you've watched the video, let me say that this toy is incredible on many levels. First off, the design of this gun is really beautiful.gromanJames Groman is the guy responsible for making it look so impressive. He's also a hero of mine for doing so much with Madballs and the criminally forgotten Blurpballs. As a Super Soaker type gun, I'd have to say that this is right up near the top. First of all, getting shot with ooze is way more insulting than water. I guess it's kinda fun on a hot day to get nailed with a shot of water, but some hot slime...not so much.picture-010This thing has so much firepower, it's crazy. It has a decently sized water tank on it plus the pump action ooze.picture-012picture-013picture-014picture-015picture-017It's kinda like the Pulse rifle Ripley uses at the end of ALIENS. When she's out of ammo (water in this case) she switches over to the grenade launcher (ooze). I got this in the mail yesterday and took it outside immediately and was NOT disappointed. Put this shit back on the! The ooze shoots a good 20 feet...probably more. We have a balcony around back at work and Terror Tuesday Zack and I took it back there and let off some rounds. Truly disgusting. The kids in the video weren't acting. I don't know what the ooze is, but it's gross and not pleasing to the palette (I had to try it).Best part about was only 10 bucks buy it now on eBay. Trust me, if you see this for that cheap again, you've gotta grab it. It's worth the price. I'm gonna be cruising for ooze packs from now until my dying day. Viva la Oozinator! Best Super Soaker ever.

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