Almost forgot about the Murder Monday post, but I've got my priorities in order. To kind of apologize for my tardiness, I'm going to give you like 175 murders in one post instead of just one measly murder.If you haven't seen MANIAC COP 2 because it isn't on DVD, quit being a lazy jerk and go find the VHS copy and watch it. It's WAAAAY better than the first MANIAC COP and MC1 is pretty hard to top. I'm not going to write about why you should watch this...the tasty clip above speaks for itself.Three years ago at a comic book convention in Kansas City, KS I met Robert Z' Dar and he invited me back to his hotel room to drink wine with him. I don't remember the circumstances, but I had to turn him down...that has seriously been my only regret up to this point in life.If the above clip doesn't make you want to see this movie, the MANIAC COP rap over the end credits definitely will...ENJOY!

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