I'm sure that most of the people that read this blog have already seen DRAG ME TO HELL. Word on the street(street changed its name to internet a long time ago) is that Mr. Raimi has made his triumphant return to directing horror. Without any debate or question, he is a GREAT director, but I think he needs to get more respect as an actor. He has really become kind of a Dick Miller type of guy with me. I love it when I'm watching something and he's a newscaster or a security guard or someting.So, in this speical Raimi Edition of Murder Monday, I thought I'd show you some of the best non-Raimi directed deaths involving the man of honor. Come on...It'd be way too easy for me to go on youtube, type in EVIL DEAD and pull off all of the best kills from the trilogy and put them in here. That's just lazy though, right?First up is one of my favorite horror movies...INTRUDER. Sure, this kill isn't so hot because it cuts away, but you later get to see him hanging from the hook. There are lots of great kills in this movie though. Seriously, if anyone knows Scotty Spiegel, please let him know that there is a dude in Austin, TX that is obsessed with his career. Besides directing INTRUDER, he wrote and directed the best FROM DUSK TIL DAWN film in the series (2), co-wrote EVIL DEAD 2 with Raimi and even wrote the insanely under appreciated Lustig jam, HIT LIST. I love you, Scotty!Next we have MILLER'S CROSSING. I love this scene even though the audio is WAY out of synch in this clip:And last but certainly not least, a movie that I urge you to rent, order or borrow immediately...STRYKERS REVENGE aka THOU SHALT NOT KILL...EXCPEPT! This movie is so great! It's by far Sam's best performance and without a doubt his best death scene. Luckily, whoever posted this clip included every scene from the movie with Raimi in it, so it's like the Castle Films version of TSNK...E!Can any of you think of any I've missed?-Justin

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