If you follow us on our Twitter account, you'll probably notice me re-tweeting releases of friends' vinyl toys and showing off pictures of stuff I've picked up recently. I love showing cool stuff off to fellow nerds and I am so excited to tell you all about one of my new favorite toy makers...VELOCITRON!velocitron-headerEvery monster must come from something and Velocitron has decided to show the different stages of the monsters growth...starting from the egg!velocitron-eggThis particular piece is called Bechigon and is the Battalion version. Why is this particular one the Battalion version? Velocitron explains, "The paint job was inspired more or less by old 80's horror movie posters, hence the version name: Battalion was the name given to Return of the Living Dead for its Japanese release." How cool is that?! True horror nerds! If you liked our DEADLY SPAWN shirts, then you'll LOVE the larva stage of the monster:velocitron-1velocitron-2velocitron-3velocitron-4This version of the monster is called the Larvagon and is actually two figures in one. The inner monster pops out in effect, shedding its skin! I was lucky to score a glow version of the Larvagon and have to say it's one of my favorites.If you want to read more about the progression of Velocitron and the next evolutionary step in the monsters life, check out their blog HERE.-Justin

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