Birth.Movies.Death. HALLOWEEN Issue

Birth.Movies.Death. is celebrating the release of David Gordon Green’s HALLOWEEN with a stunning new collectible magazine filled with editorials, interviews and deep dives into the history of one of the greatest horror films ever made.

Featuring a gorgeous Mondo cover by artist Phantom City Creative, interior art by renowned designer Denton Watts, a stunning spread featuring some of Mondo's greatest HALLOWEEN posters, and a series of exclusive interviews with HALLOWEEN 2018’s creative team (including Green, Jamie Lee Curtis, and John Carpenter), this edition of the BMD magazine is a must-have for HALLOWEEN mega-fans. Available for pre-order now!

Articles include:

- Exclusive interviews with HALLOWEEN directors John Carpenter and David Gordon Green
- An exclusive interview with HALLOWEEN’s reigning scream-queen, Jamie Lee Curtis
- An investigation into the HALLOWEEN Atari game
- Character essays on Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis
- A deep-dive into the many (MANY) rip-offs that followed in the wake of HALLOWEEN’s success
- A look at the cinematography of the legendary Dean Cundy
- A giant spread showcasing some of Mondo’s greatest HALLOWEEN posters
- And much, much more!

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