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Music Weekly: DESTROYER Soundtrack LP + New from Pentagram Home Video!

Hello all! We are super excited this week to bring you score to Karyn Kusama’s new film, DESTROYER, in partnership with our friends at Lakeshore Records. Like her previous film, THE INVITATION, this is scored by Theodore Shapiro and art is by Matt Ryan Tobin. We also have the long-awaited new LP from PENTAGRAM HOME VIDEO on Death Waltz Originals (his third for the label), we also have two brand new distributed titles from our friends at Burning Witches Records in addition to the brand new Pye Corner Audio LP on Ghostbox!

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DESTROYER - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP.
Music by Theodore Shapiro. Artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin. Housed in a die-cut gatefold jacket. Pressed on 180 Gram Clear vinyl with Purple Splatter. Limited to 500 Copies. Also available on Black vinyl. Expected to Ship in mid-March 2019. Ships Worldwide. $25

Mondo, in conjunction with Lakeshore Records, is proud to present Theodore Shapiro's score to Karyn Kusama's masterful 2018 film, DESTROYER.

DESTROYER tells the story of Detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) whose life is turned upside down when a past life comes back to haunt her in the form of ink-stained money and a corpse with a mysterious neck tattoo of three black dots.

Like their previous collaboration (THE INVITATION), Theodore's score is emotionally devastating. Similar to Erin Bell, the album is rageful, intense, loving and sublime. The album is a journey, sonically tracking from bank shootouts to foot chases and hubristic comeuppances - ultimately arriving at one of Theodore's beautiful pieces of music titled 'Ecstasy.'

Pressed on 180 Gram Clear with Purple Die-pack Splatter. Limited to 500 copies. Featuring original artwork by Matt Ryan Tobin and liner notes by Theodore Shapiro.

Pentagram Home Video - Who’s Here? I’m Here, You’re Here. Artwork by We Buy Your Kids. Clear vinyl with Black and White Splatter. Includes download card. Expected to Ship in March 2019. Ships Worldwide. $25

On his third full-length for Death Waltz Originals, PHV really pushes both himself and his trademark sound into new avenues to create something familiar yet completely alien. This LP has a sleazy-club vibe and some absolutely brutal acid jams interspersed throughout its runtime, as well as his usual spooky synth sounds. The album transposes the bars and clubs of William Friedkin’s CRUISING to a night of diethyl ether rag-fueled acid house and goth vibes.

Listen to the digital album Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify.


worriedaboutsatan – Revenant. Burning Witches Records. Silver and Black vinyl. Also includes a Solid Red version of the LP (due to noise issues on the Silver and Black). Limited to 300 copies. Expected to Ship in March 2019. Ships to. $29

After a busy 2018, which saw worriedaboutsatan release a steady stream of new material, the Yorkshire based duo start the new year with the release of their fourth full length album, Revenant.

Featuring six tracks, the record marks a slight departure from their previous album, the critically acclaimed Blank Tape, by venturing into more synthesiser heavy pieces, based around dark, brooding atmospheres and switching from the bouncing arpeggios and slow, hypnotic rhythms of the 10-minute album opener ‘Skylon,’ to the jittering, cinematic rush of ‘Making Your Masks’.

Cory Kilduff - When It All Gets To Be Too Much.
Burning Witches Records. Limited edition color vinyl. Includes insert print and download card. Only 500 copies worldwide. Expected to Ship in March 2019. Ships Worldwide. $27

Now signed to Burning Witches Records, Cory has been creatively supported in composing and completing a new passion project paying homage to John Hughes’ flame-haired muse, Molly Ringwald. When It All Gets To Be Too Much is inspired by Ringwald’s roles in Hughes’ movies, specifically the moments when she can’t hold back the tears. With a few other references blended in for depth and breadth, the tears of Sam, Claire and Andie remain at the forefront for perfectly synthesized nostalgia, anchored in 1980's drama. Think the train scene in RISKY BUSINESS or the death in LESS THAN ZERO and tempered by the pure and true teen angst of Ringwald’s iconic characters.

Pye Corner Audio – Hollow Earth. Ghost Box Records. Expected to Ship in March 2019. Ships Worldwide.

Hollow Earth is the new album from Pye Corner Audio aka Martin Jenkins, his third for Ghost Box. It’s conceived as a sequel to 2016’s Stasis. Where Stasis played with notions of outward cosmic exploration and the idea of suspended animation and sleep, Hollow Earth takes subterranean exploration and submerged psychologies as its theme. It draws on Berlin-school synth improvisations; new age reveries and the ghosts of '90s house euphoria to summon up images of vast, awe-inspiring spaces and claustrophobic chambers. It sustains an atmosphere of wonder and adventure throughout, and like its companion piece Stasis, it works equally as a soundtrack to physical as well as mental exploration.

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