Music Weekly: GOD OF WAR - Original Video Game Soundtrack!

Hello everyone! The wait is finally over! This past Friday, Sony released the highly anticipated GOD OF WAR for PlayStation, and Mondo is proud to present Bear McCreary's (THE WALKING DEAD, COLOSSAL, 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE) incredible new soundtrack to the game on vinyl.

Pre-order the soundtrack here!

GOD OF WAR - ORIGINAL VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK 2XLPMusic composed by Bear McCreary. Artwork by Jeff Langevin. Pressed on 180 Gram colored vinyl. Also available on 2X 180 Gram black vinyl. Note: This item is a pre-order. All orders containing this item will not ship until June 2018. $35

Mondo is proud to present the soundtrack to Santa Monica Studio's GOD OF WAR.

This long-awaited sequel/reboot finds our titular hero Kratos - the violent, vengeful Greek God of previous chapters - settled down in Midgard, in a world of Norse mythology and monsters. The story hinges on the relationship between Kratos and his young son Atreus shortly after the passing of their matriarch. Kratos is forced to prepare his son for his future, while being haunted by the ghosts of his own past, both in form of new powerful enemies, and in his son's worst tendencies.

Composed by Bear McCreary, the soundtrack to GOD OF WAR is truly epic and emotionally powerful. This album features some of Bear's most beautiful compositions to date, bouncing back and forth between solemn and sublime.

Featuring original artwork by Jeff Langevin, and pressed on 2X colored 180 Gram vinyl (also available in 2X 180 Gram black vinyl), both the game and the soundtrack are modern masterpieces.


MONDOCOLOSSAL - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACKColossal is a complex film working on many levels and Bear McCreary's’ score easily matches the subtle tonal shifts throughout. For our money this may be his best work yet; it’s really beautiful, full of heart and striking melodies yet suitably mournful and epic when it needs be. Music Composed by Bear McCreary. Artwork by We Buy Your Kids. Pressed on 180 Gram pink and green split colored vinyl. $25

10 CLOVERFIELD LANE - ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK 2XLPComposed by Bear McCreary, this score is tense and powerful to say the least. Using everything from a full symphonic orchestra, a yayli tanbur and even a Blaster beam, McCreary sets the tone perfectly in the opening track with his ominous theme for "Michelle." You can tell something mysterious is lurking around the corner, and the soundtrack delivers with 13 more pulse-pounding cues. Original Artwork by Gary Pullin. Featuring liner notes by Bear McCreary. Pressed on 2X 180 Gram red with "duct tape" silver stripe vinyl. $35

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