OVER THE GARDEN WALL: Posters, Pins + "For Sara" Cassette!

Tomorrow we're traveling back to The Unknown with a product release celebrating Cartoon Network's fantastic Emmy Award-winning mini-series, OVER THE GARDEN WALL.

Back in September 2015, we released the "For Sara" cassette, Wirt's analog love letter to his crush Sara (a heartfelt mix of poetry and clarinet). Due to popular demand we've produced a second edition (we are dubbing the "Backup Master"), available Friday (9/15) at 12PM (CT) via mondotees.com. It features the same 20+ minutes of material produced for the original cassette, performed by the show's original composers, The Blasting Company, with the voice of Elijah Wood. You can read a bit about the project here.

Additionally, we'll have a pair of fantastic posters from George Bletsis and Sam Wolfe Connelly (who also did the artwork on our vinyl soundtrack release), along with a set of adorable enamel pins featuring your favorite characters from the show.

Over the Garden Wall "For Sara" Cassette (Second Edition)Produced & Performed by The Blasting Company$12

Over the Garden Wall by Sam Wolfe Connelly
18"x24" Screen Print, Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting

"To me, OVER THE GARDEN WALL has some of the most established tones of the eerie, endearing, and unexplored for any cartoon I've seen. The world where Wirt and Greg find themselves adventuring is so well composed that it feels like a visual novel where anything can happen. I wanted to capture that same atmosphere for the poster and really stay true to the show's tagline 'into the unknown...' where you don't know what lies ahead, but you won't pass up the chance to seek it out." - Sam Wolfe Connelly

Over the Garden Wall by George Bletsis
24"x18" Screen Print, Edition of 225
Printed by DL Screenprinting

"I loved OVER THE GARDEN WALL from the very first episode - it reminded me of the offbeat cartoons that were always my favourites growing up. I have tried to stay true to the brilliant character designs, but have added my own spin so that the poster feels fresh and doesn't lean on the show too heavily. I also wanted to play on that vintage feel, so the colour palette is inspired by looking at old Russian children's book illustrations." - George Bletsis

Over the Garden Wall Enamel PinsRock Fact, Wirt, Greg & Beatrice Soft Enamel Pins
Packaging Design by Sam Wolfe Connelly
$35 Set / $10 Each

If you're in the LA area, be sure to stop by Gallery Nucleus' event this Saturday (9/16) in celebration of the new book ART OF OVER THE GARDEN WALL. Creator Patrick McHale will be there, along with and various musical talents - we're so bummed we're missing it! Learn more here.

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