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Mondo E-Gift Card


This is a gift card. But it's not a last-minute greeting card rider destined to be thoughtlessly tossed in a drawer. You get those for everyone else. 

For fans of limited edition pop culture treasures, a Mondo E-Gift Card isn't a gift card. It's an invitation to bring a bigger, stranger, more beautiful world home. 

It's the striking poster that really ties that room together. The artfully designed and lovingly packaged vinyl soundtrack for their favorite film. The puzzle they feverishly assemble with their kids. The statue they salute before heading to work. The enamel pin they clip on to celebrate the characters, films, and ideas they love.

But it is an E-gift card, and it will be sent instantly to you via email. You can either forward the email along to the lucky recipient or print it out to put inside your own greeting card.  It can be used anywhere on the Mondo website - for postersmusiccollectiblest-shirtsenamel pinsgamestikis, and everything else.

E-Gift Cards are immediately delivered to the email you place under "Contact Information" during checkout. You can choose to make this the recipient's email address, but you'll probably prefer to make it your own and handle delivery separately. The email will contain the E-Gift Card code that can be cashed in at check-out.