Nautilus x Mondo 04: Rambo: First Blood Part II Screenprinted Poster

Limited Edition

Three years after 1982’s FIRST BLOOD, Sylvester Stallone reinvented his tortured John Rambo character as a true action icon with the help of co-writer James Cameron. 

This is where the Rambo of our collective imagination was born – bulked up and back in the jungle to locate Vietnam POWs. We love how Francesco’s captured the essence of this ‘80s superhero – choppers and all. 

"When asked to do a poster for RAMBO, I had to go with the sequence that has stuck with me through the years since first seeing the film: the helicopter chase! On one end you have Rambo piloting the iconic Vietnam war US chopper, and on the other you have this cool looking BEAST, the winged Russian chopper. I really wanted to exaggerate the size difference by making the Russian chopper so massive that the poster could hardly contain it. I think it made for a great visual element that conveys just what Rambo is up against." – Francesco Francavilla

8-color screenprinted poster

Artist Francesco Francavilla
Property Rambo
Sold Out


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Product information
Edition size 250
Height 36"
Printer Atelier Vertical
Print type Screenprint
Width 24"